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If the predictions of marketing gurus and pundits are to be believed then one thing is sure and that is the fact that most of the purchases made in the future will be on the basis of customer perceptions and associations.

With a higher number of similar goods and services proliferating the market, it becomes difficult to ensure differentiation. But at the same time it is also necessary to do so. Here is where branding comes in.

Branding uses signs, symbols, associations, etc. to build a perception in the mind of the customer which is in favor of your organization. The golden rules of branding emphasize that the share of the customer’s mind must be maintained to sustain profitability.

The simple concept means that the more the customer is exposed to your brand or thinks about you consciously or subconsciously, the more chance you have of making a sale. Ever wondered why a 200 year old brand like Coke needs to advertise?

As a small business you cannot afford the big budget advertisements. However the basic purpose behind the advertisements must not be forgotten. To create recall in the minds of your customer, PixelMagics will provide a number of highly effective and seamless services.

First and foremost, we design your logo, which ensures that the customer can recognize your company even without reading. Secondly we ensure that your logo is strategically placed on visiting cards, catalogues or any communication sent to a prospective customer.

It is likely that this will stay on their desk for some time. In the meanwhile they are constantly exposed to your symbol. And even though they might not be aware, they are constantly exposed to your subliminal advertisements. Finally if you deliver the promises that your brand claims to deliver, odds are that your brand will form an extremely positive association in the clients’ mind.

Branding enables you to develop a sort of an invisible patent. This gives the customer the mental peace of having a supplier capable of maintaining standardized quality.

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A. Y. Trading Co. is better known as the reputed manufacturer and supplier of Authentic Ulternative earthmoving spares in the domestic market.

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PixelMagics has developed a variety of websites for our clients. Their work is high quality, the customer service professional, and the cost is always competitive. I personally recommend them.

Kevin Babbage, Director,
Position4Business Ltd