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Designing an e-commerce website is drastically different from designing a regular website. E-commerce web design is meant for a shopping mall that never closes. However this mall must be user friendly, since customers are on their own.

Internal search engines play an important part in this. So does the process of indexing and updating. Pixel Magics is well equipped for both.

Having the right E-Commerce solutions is a make or break situation for online businesses. Customers may be turned off and even leave the purchase midway if it is too time consuming or complicated.

Easy to Use E-commerce Shopping Carts

Easy to use E-commerce Shopping Carts The beauty of E-Commerce solutions is to keep it simple. This particularly applies to Shopping Carts. Pixel Magics has the knowhow and the experience to create Shopping Carts that work. They can design your shopping cart to be:

  • Accurate: The shopping cart must bring up accurate descriptions when a specific product is searched.
  • Fast: The shopping cart must be lightning fast. Unnecessary delays causes the buyers to think longer and they might possibly experience “Buyer’s remorse” and change their mind.
  • Secure: The shopping cart needs to be connected to a payment collection network. It must be made sure that the payments collected are via popular means and secure. PayPal fits the bill in this case most of the times. But Pixel Magics can provide a variety of options at a low price.
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