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The benefits of Search Engine Optimization cannot be overstated in today’s online business environment. Search Engine Optimization provides return on investments which far exceed other forms of internet marketing like pay per click or e-mail marketing. But SEO requires considerable amount of skill, expertise and discipline to ensure consistent successful implementation. It is a powerful way to bring those sales dollars rushing straight to your website without your customers knowing that you are responsible for it. Pixel Magics is well equipped with a dedicated department well staffed with Google Analytics experts.

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Keyword Investigation: The crux of the entire Search Engine Optimization process is the keyword investigation. It is like reading the minds of two or more important people. It is a well known fact that top 10 Google rankings will make more money for any product or service. The keywords which you decide to use in your campaign must be used by a large segment of the target audience but must have least competition for you to easily reach the top.

On-Site Optimization: Once the appropriate keywords have been developed, on-site optimization becomes important. The keywords need to be incorporated in the website at strategic positions which makes it easy for the crawlers to pick them up. Pixel Magics has superior domain knowledge and proven expertise when it comes to search engine optimization.

Articles for SEO: This is the next step in the process is redirecting relevant traffic to your website. Articles are a great way of pre-selling. They are like planting ideas in people’s minds while they are searching for information and giving a link at the bottom of these articles which redirects them to us.

Directory Submissions: The number of URL’s is so large that it practically becomes impossible for the customers to remember them. Hence to simplify they are bound to look up in directories. The problem is that different directories are effective for different businesses. Pixel Magics will find out the most relevant directories for your business and submit to hundreds f them regularly on your behalf.

Press Release Sharing: Press releases are a proven tactic of getting relevant traffic rushing to your website. Pixel Magics will make normal information on your website look newsworthy and then use press release sharing as a search engine optimization tool.

Link Building Services: The last step in the search engine optimization process is link building. Building too many back-links can sometimes get you disqualified from search engine results as spam. Pixel Magics has executed many link building campaigns flawlessly and have been responsible for drastic improvements in clients’ revenues.


I found the Pixel Magics team creative and aware of contemporay concepts. This service & responsiveness is commendable. I wish them all the best in this ventures.


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