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Pixel Magics tries to understand the inclination of the client towards functionality and aesthetics. Through its experienced team of professionals and a review of competing websites, Pixel Magics can present its opinion and ask the client for a final say on the issue.

Affordable Website Design

A good website design is an affordable website design. Odds are that you, like many other clients of Pixel Magic, run a small business. Making extravagant websites which burn a hole in your pocket is not the objective of Pixel Magic. The affordable website solutions are offered to fit into every marketing budget. They are designed optimally for the purpose that you explained in your briefing.

Website Maintenance

It is often said “Well begun is half done”. That is exactly what a website is without maintenance, “half done”. Website maintenance at Pixel Magics includes technical glitches as well as updating and revising the content. The best of sites malfunction on account of many reasons which may be external to the whole process. Outsourcing is a good idea. Pixel magics has both core competency and cost advantage to accomplish this task better.

Website Redesign

SEO techniques have taken the online world by storm and so have many other lead and sales management solutions. If you have any such need to redesign your website or incorporate any new tools or design changes, Pixel Magics can do this much more efficiently than anyone else.

Flash Web Design

Flash website design can be a double edged sword. An appropriately built flash website can hold on visitor attention and even create a great first impression with its favorable aesthetics, while on the other hand a poorly designed flash website can be a search engine disaster as well as very time consuming which can put off customers. Pixel Magics has developed solutions to harness the positive qualities of flash web design as and where appropriate.

Small Business Website Design

Small businesses typically have their unique needs. Apart from providing affordable solutions Pixel Magics has one of the best SEO departments which help designing a website in such a way that revenues experience a quantum leap when the changes are implemented.

SEO friendly Website Design

Websites need to be designed for SEO purposes. But this is easier said than done and requires more than mere coders. The most part is tracking all the keywords on a real time basis and using them in your website design. This SEO friendly website design is also called on site optimization.

E-commerce Website Design

Designing an e-commerce website is drastically different from designing a regular website. E-commerce web design is meant for a shopping mall that never closes. However this mall must be user friendly, since customers are on their own.

Internal search engines play an important part in this. So does the process of indexing and updating. Pixel Magics is well equipped for both.

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