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With the emergence of e-commerce, a website can be responsible for a substantial proportion of your organizations sales. Building a website is putting up a shop on the information super highway where 200 million people pass daily.

Yes! That staggering number is true. Moreover a large chunk of those people are looking for advice on buying products. With a well designed website, you could have a lot of them and their sales dollars heading straight to your web shop. Web development is an important tool in the entire process of building a persuasive web around the customers, which drags them straight to your website and propels your sales through the roof.

What is included in the web development package?

Pixel Magics offers a comprehensive version of website development package. It is a complete end-to-end solution. This means all you need to do is decide what you want your website to be like in terms of functionality and appearance and the rest will be taken care of. Parts of the solution are also available if required.

Will I be able to update my content once the web development has been completed?

Pixel Magics is a flexible service provider. It understands some businesses have a need to regularly update content while others don’t. So it gives you an option; you can either choose a content management system which may cost you a little extra but allows you to constantly update as and when required. On the other hand a cheaper version can be obtained if the content is to remain static.

Will I be able to collect and store customer data?

Pixel Magic has spoken to a lot of clients and realized that capturing customers and prospective customers information is on top of their priority list. So the solutions are designed accordingly. Not only is the data collected and stored in an easy to access format, it can be used to understand your customers better and then develop offers suitable for them.

Will all the information on my website be secure?

At Pixelmagics we believe that web design is not just designing of website which is like an online resume of your company. We make sure that once you get your website up on the World Wide Web...

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